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iPad or iDisappoint

February 5th, 2010 David 1 comment

ipad iPad or iDisappoint

While we all anticipated the iPad and finally it came true last week, I can’t stop feeling disappointed. In the past when Apple was asked if they are making a iPhone nano the answer was “we’re not looking to make cheap products we’re looking to make the best products”. With that being said the iPad should have been the Best Tablet out there, above and beyond the competition when in essence its a really big iPhone Lacking a few features. Now i know what your thinking this thing is super cool! and this writer has clearly lost it. You can imagine yourself using one of these magical 10″ iPads in the train or on a plane and of course your going to try to read some books on there, the NY Times app looks like the future of Newspapers especially if you can download the whole paper and take it with you when you can’t have service or want to save battery. Oh and the price can’t be matched Apple hit the price we all wished for and never imagined would be possible $499 and an optional 3G internet service for $15 and $30 BUT lets talk about why its a huge disappointment.

Let’s talk about that price point $499 that price was just to magical, so magical it caused apple to cut out some key features which left this iPad as a HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT. Now I’m not saying i don’t think its cool or “magical” but at the end of the day if i want something Magical I’m going to Disney, and if i want something powerful I’m going to Apple. with that said i will now stop venting and let you know what’s missing from this Magical Device.

  1. No Front Facing Camera:  iChat
  2. No Multi Tasking:  With all the magic in the iPad you could only run 1 app at a time. With such a big screen : how cool if it could splint into 4 iphone screens tiled!
  3. No Widgets: 0 Widgets! there should be some way that i can take iPhone apps and use them like widgets
  4. No USB Ports: There is 1 but its solely to import images!
  5. Network Jack: if they can get one on a Macbook air i want one on here, hardwired internet is so much faster than wireless LAN
  6. Flash: are you kidding there is no flash support still!!!
  7. No Snow Leopard  rather we got a cheesy iPhone OS
  8. No Magsafe connector
  9. 3G we want 4G!
  10. At&t come on it’s time to offer the best service with the best unit!

In truth Apple iPad is not  that much better than a rock see below, haha.

iPad vs Rock iPad or iDisappointslate chart v2 iPad or iDisappoint

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