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Pro AM/FM Digital Tuner

$ 199.00



Technical Pro knows that in today’s world of audio and professional sound equipment every product must be reliable and built with top level technology. The engineers always put their best design into products ranging from mixers to amplifiers to speakers and everything in between! In today’s world of recording and entertainment a professional tuner is must have for any studio, event hall, lounge or showroom. The TUB80 is a Professional AM/FM Digital Tuner that is built with a lasting technology and very stylish black design.


One Digital Tuner
One Remote Control


Removable ears
Integrated radio tuner
Digital display

The TUB80 can be connected to any standard set up and you can be tuning into AM and FM stations and listening to a high quality output. This unit can be connected to any standard rack only taking up one space. You can remove the rack mount brackets as well if you choose to set this up in an entertainment set up or another type of flat surface. The front panel hosts a digital display showing information like station channel and there is an illuminated LED light that shows if the unit is on or off next to the power button.

Store up to 60 radio stations! The TUB80 is of a compact black design. Setting this up in any rack or entertainment set up will compliment your gear and keep a professional look to your system. Impress your clients and audience by letting them know you are using top level gear! This unit comes complete with a remote control. Change your stations from across the room or on your couch and use the sleep mode to turn the unit off and on and your pre-set times. Add this tuner to your home entertainment set up and switch from TV to your favorite radio station! The TUB80 is one of the best choices for a professional tuner and at a price that is very affordable!


Model # TUB80
Dimensions L 19" x W 9.5" x H 1.75"
Weight 6.0 lbs
Voltage 110/220v
MSRP $199
Input Impedance 1K ohm
Signal to Noise Sensitivity AM >40dB FM >45dB
Signal to Noise Ratio AM >5mv/m FM >20 dB µ
Mount Removable rack-mount brackets
Built-in Features 1U space saving design, alarm, and sleep mode


At Technical Pro sound is our passion. Nowhere is this more apparent than in our line of professional sound amplifiers. Each amplifier is built to deliver vibrant, full-bodied audio straight to your speakers. At your home or business, Technical Pro amplifiers give you the ultimate listening experience at prices that can’t be matched.

This product is built with the same quality found in all Technical Pro equipment ensuring it follows you from gig to gig over an extended lifespan. We stand by our work and every Technical Pro product comes with a one year warranty.

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