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Rechargeable Megaphone Battery

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The ER66BATTERY is a lithium-ion rechargeable battery pack designed to work with Technical Pro Megaphones. For easy charging, the ER66BATTERY comes with integrated, collapsible AC outlet prongs that eliminate the need for additional wires and charging packs. For an extended battery life, the ER66BATTERY features overcharge technology that automatically stop charging the battery once it's full. A built-in LED charge-status light indicates when charging is complete. The ER66BATTERY is recyclable and features durable, non-toxic components.


Offers 5-8 hours of use and charges in 4-6
Convenient single-unit design
Charging safeguard technology for a longer battery life


Model # ER66Battery
MSRP $22.00
Dimensions 1.4" L x 2.6" W x 4.1" H
Weight 0.5 lbs
Playback time 5-8 hours
Time to charge 4-6 hours
Construction Lithium-ion
Charging Indicator LED
Voltage 110/220v


This product is built with the same quality found in all Technical Pro equipment ensuring it follows you from gig to gig over an extended lifespan. We stand by our work and every Technical Pro product comes with a one year warranty.

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