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Rechargeable 18'' Bluetooth Active Speaker

$ 449.00



The WAVE18 is an active portable loudspeaker designed to be a single unit audio system for any occasion. To maximize bass the WAVE18 comes with a hefty 18” woofer that puts it at the top of the woofer spectrum in terms of size, volume, and audio-quality. This woofer is a backed up by the WAVE18’s tweeters that help deliver crystal highs to match the woofer’s crushing lows. For even more sound, the WAVE18 sports an impressive peak output of 4,000 watts that helps perfectly replicate audio while ensuring the WAVE18 dishes out more than enough volume to fill your venue with unparalleled sound.

For enhanced connectivity, the WAVE18 supports input from a variety of inputs familiar to both professional and casual users. To play music from smartphones and other music storage devices, the WAVE18 comes with a standard 1/8” input jack and wireless Bluetooth connectivity. In addition, the WAVE18 boasts a USB flash drive input and SD card slot that allow you to bring your music along in some of the most portable storage devices available. In addition, the WAVE18 also comes with RCA inputs and an integrated digital FM tuner with an adjustable antenna for signal maximization.


One Active Speaker
One Wireless Microphone
One Remote Control


Rechargeable battery offers 4 hours of playback
LED display that provides key information about current songs
5-Band equalizer that adjusts output over key ranges
Telescopic and side carry handles
Wheels for easy transportation
Repeat mode on USB and SD inputs
LED effects lights
DC(12v) power compatibility for car charging

To give you freedom to bring music anywhere, the WAVE18 comes with an internal rechargeable battery that offers approximately four hours of continuous music before needing external power. Additional wheels, and a telescopic carry handle ensure that you won’t have to worry about getting the WAVE18 to even the most difficult locations. For maximum protection during transportation, the WAVE18 comes with a reinforced cabinet as well as a durable perforated metal grill that protects the WAVE18’s most sensitive components from damage.

As a high powered speaker with a long list of features, the WAVE18 is ideal for live music. The WAVE18 comes fitted out with a microphone jack with separate volume and echo controls that allow you to use the WAVE18 for karaoke and announcements. The microphone input sports a priority switch that allows you to boost microphone volume relative to other inputs to ensure the vocals always match the music. For a more comprehensive live setup, the WAVE18 also comes with a 1/4” guitar input.


Model # WAVE18
MSRP $549.00
Dimensions 22.0" L x 24.0" W x 27.0" H
Weight 69.0 lbs
Peak Power 4,000 Watts
Woofer 18" LED with 1.96" Voice Coil and 6.30" Magnet
Tweeter 1” Voice Coil with 3.15” Magnet
Inputs Bluetooth • 1/8" AUX • SD Card • USB Flash Drive • FM • RCA
Mic Inputs 1/4" with separate echo & volume controls
Guitar Inputs 1/4" with separate volume control
Bluetooth 30 foot range
USB/SD Support Plays .mp3 & .wma. files (32 GB max)
Frequency Response 20Hz - 20KHz
Sensitivity 700mv
Impedence 4 ohms
Voltage 110/220v


Speakers are the backbone of every audio system. At Technical Pro we’ve worked with sound engineers to create the ideal speaker for every situation. Whether you’re playing music or making announcements, Technical Pro speakers perfectly deliver sound to send you on an audio adventure.

This product is built with the same quality found in all Technical Pro equipment ensuring it follows you from gig to gig over an extended lifespan. We stand by our work and every Technical Pro product comes with a one year warranty.


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