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Pro Steel Tripod Speaker Stand

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Speaker stands aren’t just about convenient positioning of the speakers or feng shui , it’s about sound quality too. Speaker stands can help you achieve just the right acoustics by raising or lowering the speaker position for better sound reflection off the walls, floor, and ceiling.

You can’t use just any flimsy stand though, you need well-balanced, well-made stands that won’t tip potentially hurting people or damaging the speakers. Using a weak speaker stand could also cause the speakers to rock back and forth when the bass is booming which can affect the sound. If built out of the wrong material, they could even resonate creating a distorting effect or unwanted noise interfering with the music.

Well you asked and Technical Pro heard. We have crafted the PT320 Tri-pod Speaker Stand out of anodized steel tubing so you know they won’t break or warp over time. The convenient tri-pod design allows them to be easily folded up and stored when not it use or tossed in the back of a car for transport. The PT320 can support up to 100 lbs so even the biggest, baddest speakers won’t be a problem.

Easily adjustable, you can lower your speakers to just 2’ 6” or raise them to ear level at 5’. Trouble achieving just the right acoustics and sound quality will be a thing of the past. Along with the durable build and efficient folding design is an external plastic speaker cabinet pole mounting bracket. Plastic feet help prevent the speaker from moving or vibrating when you are playing tracks with even the deepest bass!

The light weight steel tubing is corrosion resistant and can even be painted for a unique look. Decorate your stands to fit your style!

Weighing just 8 lbs, you can easily pick them up and move them around any venue. The PT320 also comes with a custom carrying bag giving you a professional look even when transporting.


Convenient foldable tripod design
Anodized, corrosion resistant steel tubing
Adjustable height to help you achieve perfect acoustics at any venue
Plastic feet to prevent the base from moving or vibrating
External plastic speaker cabinet pole mounting bracket included


Model # PT320
35 L x 4' 7'' H
Weight 6.0 lbs
MSRP $35
Height Range
2' 6'' - 5'
Load Capacity
100 lbs
Mounting Pole Diameter 35 mm
Our tripods are built with the same durable construction that has made our speakers such a success. With a collapsible designs, steel alloy construction, and adjustable settings, our tripods make everything from placement to transportation easy.

This product is built with the same quality found in all Technical Pro equipment ensuring it follows you from gig to gig over an extended lifespan. We stand by our work and every Technical Pro product comes with a one year warranty.

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