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Bluetooth Power Shake 15" Active Loudspeaker

$ 269.00



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The only way to deliver top sound quality in a studio, club or venue setting is by using the best speakers. That’s why Technical Pro engineered the PSHAKE1500 Two way Active Loudspeaker with USB/SD Card Inputs and built in video monitor. Loaded with cutting edge technology and made to last in the most rugged conditions, this speaker will give you true and consistent sound time and time again.

With the PSHAKE1500’s Two Way “Active” technology, there’s no need to hook up an additional amplifier, since the amplifier is already built-in. It’s also easy to transport with the ergonomically designed top and two side handles, and can be raised to any height you need by using the pole mount. It’s just as simple to hook up sound sources such as a CD player, DVD audio player, DJ mixer, etc., with the RCA and balanced XLR inputs.

At peak power, this unit pushes out an intense 1500 watts through an extremely powerful 15” woofer with 1.5” voice coil and 30 oz. magnet long- excursion driver. This allows you to put out the incredibly deep base and acoustic power that separates the pros from the amateurs. The harmonic titanium driver gives you exceptional high frequency reproduction, and the unique horn design ensures ultra- wide sound dispersion.

The incredible versatility of the PSHAKE1500 lets you play .mp3 or .wma audio files as well as .avi, .rmvb, .vob, .mpg, .divx .dat video files from drives up to 32GB through the USB Flash Drive and SD Card inputs. The XLR and ¼” microphone inputs let you plug in two microphones at a time, allowing you to talk over the music or use the unit as a karaoke system.

The outputs are a passive ¼” or XLR connection, which allows you to send signal through the PSHAKE1500’s input to another audio device or powered speaker, with the signal remaining passive and unaffected. What truly sets this unit apart is the built in 4.3” video monitor, on which you can view videos through the USB and SD inputs. This gives you instant access to compressed audio/ video files such as .avi, .rmvb, .vob, .mpg, .divx and .dat .

You can customize your viewing experience according to your preferences with screen adjustments such as Language, Reset, Brightness, Contrast, Color and Zoom. In addition, the video monitor helps you stay organized by displaying USB and SD Card track information such as remaining time and title. With so many options, this unit is really a professional grade, all-in-one A/V system!

The PSHAKE1500 is truly one of the most powerful and versatile speakers ever made. This is the go- to system for audiophiles who want a full range of sound sources in the palm of their hand.


One remote control
PSHAKE1500 Speaker


Bass and treble controls for fine tuned audio
LCD display that provides key information
Pole mount for easy placement
Top carry handle
Wheels for easy transportation
Repeat mode on USB and SD inputs


Model # PSHAKE1500
MSRP $269
Dimensions 35" L x 43.5" W x 67" H
Weight 32.75 lbs
Peak Power 1500 Watts
Woofer 15" • 1.375" Voice Coil • 50 oz. Magnet
Harmonic 1.375", 13 oz. titanium driver
Inputs Bluetooth • SD Card • USB Flash Drive • RCA (unbalanced)
Mic Inputs 1/4" & XLR with separate echo & volume controls
Outputs RCA (Unpowered) • Speakon (Powered)
Bluetooth v2.0 with EDR (2.4 GHz) technology • 30 foot range
USB/SD Support Plays .mp3 & .wma. (16 GB max)
Frequency Response 40Hz - 20KHz
Sensitivity 95 ±2dB (1W@1M)
Impedance 8 ohms
Compatibility AC/DC (12V)
Voltage 110/220v


Speakers are the backbone of every audio system. At Technical Pro we’ve worked with sound engineers to create the ideal speaker for every situation. Whether you’re playing music or making announcements, Technical Pro speakers perfectly deliver sound to send you on an audio adventure.

This product is built with the same quality found in all Technical Pro equipment ensuring it follows you from gig to gig over an extended lifespan. We stand by our work and every Technical Pro product comes with a one year warranty.


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