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Pro VHF Wireless Microphone System

$ 65.00



Technical Pro consistently puts the best technology and parts into all of their products. From their speakers to their mixers and even their microphones. The quality and professional sound from their microphones has been setting a new benchmark in the audio world! Sound professionals from all levels of studio and live production work are now turning to Tpro for their professional microphone solutions. Tpro is now offering this same innovative technology in their series of wireless microphones….the same level of quality without the messy wires!

The WM301 is a rack mountable wireless microphone system that is comprised of two microphones and a base transmitter. The base transmitter can be mounted onto a studio or mobile rack by using the rack mountable hardware that comes included. The two microphones included are built to last. The engineers are Tpro know that microphones need to be durable and consistent in their output and that is why these are two of the strongest and quality built microphones on the market! The system runs on a Dual VHF High Band. The microphones are Uni-Directional. This is a very important aspect and will allow you to use this microphone is noisy or loud ambient environments without worrying about picking up room noise or distortion that will interrupt your recording or broadcast. You won’t need to worry about crowd noise, wind or any outside sound getting in the way of your speaker or singer! And this means you can DJ in a loud setting and still be able to clearly talk over your music! This is priceless in a live situation!

The WM301 is a perfect wireless system for a number of settings. It can be used for conference meetings, showroom presentations, DJ’s, live stage settings and even in the studio. If you are showcasing a product or making an announcement to a large audience, the benefits of walking around without the worry of messy wires is priceless! This will allow you to really leave an impression on your audience by keeping them engaged and in tune to your movements and words! If you are a DJ and need to move quickly to make your mix or choose that next track, walk freely with the microphone in hand and impress your crowd too by showing them you are a professional using professional gear. No messy wires! At a price that can’t be beat, the WM301 is one of the best professional microphones available in today’s audio world!

Technical Pro’s groundbreaking new approach to industrial design incorporates advanced technology and striking good looks with rugged construction and a long list of features, providing years of audio enjoyment.

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